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Athletic Brewing Company launches non-alcoholic crisp beer, Athletic Lite

Low cal, Low carb, Athletic Lite Available online and in select stores nationwide in March

STRATFORDConnecticut and SAN DIEGO, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The nation’s first non-alcoholic craft brewer and fastest growing brewery, athletic shufflingis thrilled to announce the release of an exceptionally accessible, crunchy, refreshing and everyday non-alcoholic beer, Athletic Lite, in March.

According to statistics, since 2020 there has been an increase in the demand for light beers, with and without alcohol, due to the growing inclination of consumers towards health and fitness. On average, 22% of consumers have cut back on their alcohol consumption, 40% of adults of drinking age are drinking less than in 2014, and Millennials are stepping up the mindful drinking movement, with 66% making efforts to reduce their alcohol consumption. ‘alcohol. In response to market trends and consumer behavior, Athletic Brewing designed a clean and accessible daily brew to not only accommodate the diverse lifestyles of drinking-age adults, but also to add a specially crafted non-alcoholic beer for every moment that life brings.

“We value and work on the feedback and feedback we receive from consumers when developing new ideas and products to improve Athletic Brewing,” said co-founder and CEO, Bill Shufelt. “When it comes to Athletic Lite, a clean, crisp, everyday drink was the style most requested by our retailers and distributors when surveyed. So, as we’re known to do, we’ve gone to the plate and “We’ve created our own version. Athletic Lite opens up the non-alcoholic beer category to a wider audience than ever before and fills that gap by delivering a premium beer that can truly be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.”

Brewed with organic grains and packed with 25 calories per 12 oz can and 5 grams of carbs, Athletic Lite is essential refreshment throughout the day.

“From the beginning, we’ve been known for creating beers with purpose,” said John Walker, co-founder and chief brewer of Athletic Brewing. “And when it came to developing a light non-alcoholic beer, we wanted to create one that not only stayed true to Athletic’s values, but created space for new drinkers to experience Athletic beers, either for a midweek playoff game or as an after-work evening drink.Made with a clean, dry finish and brewed specifically for the sport of life, it truly is the perfect all-purpose drink.

Athletic Lite expands Athletic Brewing’s portfolio of award-winning flagships, such as Run Wild IPA and Upside Dawn Golden Ale, and Free Wave Hazy IPA, and will be available in select stores nationwide from March 7 and purchased directly from Athletic Brewing at Athletic Lite launch includes TV and radio commercials with voice-over by ESPN Scott Van Peltas well as digital ads, partnerships with college basketball athletes, and more.

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