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Brewbound Podcast: California Craft Brewers Association’s Lori Ajax and Chris Walker on Satellite Locations, Sales Privileges and More

Lori Ajax and Chris Walker of the California Craft Brewers Association discuss two bills pending the governor’s signature that would benefit craft brewers in the state. Those bills — increasing the number of satellite locations and authentic dining venues, and adding sales privileges — were high on the CCBA’s agenda this year. Ajax and Walker also address mid-level consolidation, direct-to-consumer sales, supply chain issues and more.

“Over the past 10 years, industry growth has really doubled,” Ajax said. “For small and medium-sized brewers, that’s what they really excel at: being community gathering places – even with all the crazy things going on in California with fires and such, being that community gathering place where people can enjoy their neighbors and talk about things and also enjoy good beer.

The Brewbound team also discusses supply chain updates, Sierra Nevada’s termination of three California wholesalers and Dogfish Head’s closure of its Miami tavern. Additionally, the team shares news about speakers being added to the lineups for the upcoming Brew Talks meeting in Denver and Brewed live business conference in Santa Monica.

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