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Brewers Association focuses on craft brewery human resource programs with new hire

I can assume that for many craft breweries frequenting this site, your HR department consists of the owner or other manager who simply turns their hat to the side that says “HR”. Too bad because small organizations, especially those that involve taxing physical activity and/or alcohol consumption on site, could really use such a department. So it’s cool that the Brewers Association (BA) has added its first human resources (HR) partner to help on the education front.

Recently hired, Holly Haslam (her/her) plans to develop programs to expand HR resources for members of the Brewers Association and establish the association’s first HR committee.

“We look forward to having Holly on the Brewers Association team,” said Bob Pease, Brewers Association President and CEO. “Providing human resource programs to independent craft brewers to help them better manage their businesses is critical to the longevity and success of the industry. Holly will lead the charge, identify areas for strengthening and educate our members on everything from recruiting and hiring to retaining their membership and running effective meetings.

Haslam joins the Brewers Association from Aslan Construction, where she managed its HR function, including creating HR training content and an employee handbook, and facilitating compliance with local, state and federal laws. . She also led the creation of a professional development program for employees.

Outside of her career, Haslam has volunteered with the Boulder Area HR Association as vice president of programming, where she developed the list of speakers for monthly and quarterly events, and the Michigan Brewers Guild and Burning Can, where she poured beer. She’s a craft beer lover with an MBA majoring in human resource management.

“Human resources are vital for any organization, regardless of size,” Haslam said. “I am grateful to have the opportunity to develop content for brewery leaders that will give them the support they need to manage HR in a way that makes sense for their team and the unique challenges they face. I look forward to hearing from members of this community to find out which tools will be most useful to them.”

Haslam will make his first public appearance as an HR partner at the 2022 Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America, in Minneapolis May 2-5. She will present a seminar on “How to be dedicated to HR without “dedicated HR”. ”

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