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Burglars break into the Ten Mile Brewing Company and steal a crate

The Ten Mile Brewing Company in Signal Hill was robbed early this morning. The bandits took away a cash register containing $250 in cash.

The incident happened around 4:30 a.m., according to brewery owner Jesse Sundstrom.

Burglars wearing black clothes and ski masks used a crowbar to open the brewery’s front door, CCTV footage of the incident shows. Three suspects were involved in the incident, according to Signal Hill Police Department Sgt. Don Moreau.

“When you see the video, this guy was really moaning about that crowbar to force the door. You could see the whole glass wall was moving, but it never broke, which is honestly the most amazing part for me,” Sundstrom said. “So at least it’s a chance.”

Once inside, the burglars attempted to remove the two cash registers from the brewery. They managed to remove a box containing $250 in cash, but failed to remove the second box.

“They couldn’t get it, then they bailed out pretty quickly, it was only about four or five minutes total,” Sundstrom said.

When the burglars forced open the brewery’s front door, it set off the brewery’s alarm system, which notified the Signal Hill Police Department.

The SHPD received the audible alarm call at 4:40 a.m. and dispatched officers to the scene at 4:41 a.m., according to Moreau. Officers arrived at 4:44 a.m., just minutes after the suspects left in a white van.

Sundstrom arrived about 20 minutes after the incident to assess the damage.

Sundstrom is working to have the front door repaired, which he says will cost $500. He will also replace the cash register, which he says will cost between $60 and $100.

“We’re well over what they actually took in repairs,” Sundstrom said.

The brewery took to Instagram today to break the news, posting: “Wish these guys had inquired about a job. They would make more in one night than they stole.

This is the first time the Ten Mile Brewery has been robbed since it opened in 2017, although the brewery has already been damaged in a traffic incident.

The family-run, family-owned brewery prides itself on its ever-rotating menu of beers, many of which are brewed in-house. Last month, the brewery unveiled a new pizza kitchen.

“You always wonder what they are looking for. Usually cash, but we have an iPad in the back so employees can clock in and out,” Sundstrom said. “For me, being the brewer, my thought is, ‘Oh my God, are they emptying all the beer from the tanks? “”

Fortunately, the brewery’s beer tanks were intact.

“The community around us, even online, has just shown us so much support,” Sundstrom said. “Although it’s quite boring and quite frustrating, it will be fine.”

The burglary is still under investigation. Those who may have information about the incident can contact the Signal Hill Police Department Detectives Office at 562-989-7214.

Ten Mile Brewing Company is located at 1136 E Willow St, Signal Hill.