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Although COVID-19 continues to change the way we come together, celebrate and honor each other, it has not changed the way our neighbors support each other in times of crisis.

United Way East Ontario kicked off 2022 by recognizing eight other incredible community builders who have worked tirelessly to make our communities safer, healthier and more resilient. These people are fearless community leaders and advocates who have stepped up and demonstrated a local love that has not gone unnoticed. All this week on Apt613, you can read about these eight incredible individuals and organizations. Today: Dominion City Brewing Company and loveOttawa.

Dominion City Brewing Company was founded in 2014 and has made it a priority to reinvest in its community. They have consistently demonstrated that they believe in purpose before profit, and they make sure it’s a principle they live by every day. Since opening, Dominion City employees have dedicated time and effort to volunteering, building unusual partnerships, raising awareness of local issues, raising funds for neighborhood charities, and planning events. events.

Championing equity and inclusion, they have created a Diversity in Brewing Scholarship that supports someone with an underrepresented background in the beer industry with a contribution towards their tuition and an eight-week paid internship in Dominion City upon completion of the study.

“We are just a small company, part of a bigger community, we feel we are at our best when we can connect with other people.” —Josh McJannett, co-founder of Dominion City Brewing Co.

Dominion City staff champion the 2SLGBTQ+ community, forge relationships and partnerships with Indigenous communities, and actively promote other small businesses to create opportunities for mutually supportive initiatives.

During COVID-19, they increased their community support. With monthly fundraisers, Dominion City and its customers have provided tens of thousands of dollars each year in much-needed support for the work of nonprofits, especially for small charities in their own neighborhoods. They continue to be a strong supporter of United Way East Ontario and the GenNext program. In December 2021, they rallied their customers to help end youth homelessness by donating to GenNext.

Between these charitable efforts, advocacy work and collaborations with local small businesses, Dominion City Brewing Co. ensures that its own successes benefit its community as a whole.

Dwayne Brown and Anita Ruivo have always contributed to our region by being the founders and artistic creators of loveOttawa Experiences, a unique online initiative that celebrates Ottawa and its rich and vibrant community, showcasing everything from culture to cuisine , from business to education, and from lifestyle to tourism. Dwayne and Anita have lent their expertise in countless ways providing help and support to individuals, families and small businesses.

Anita and Dwayne have spent many years volunteering their time and photography skills to young mothers graduating from high school at Youville Centre. Every year since 2010, they have produced free portraits of Youville moms and babies before Christmas. These portraits occupy a special place in the lives of these young mothers because they often face financial and temporal barriers that would normally not allow them to be photographed with their children.

“We had a strong mandate to always help nonprofits. But also, over the past year, to do our best to help and showcase small businesses that are doing their best to keep their heads above water. — Dwayne Brown, co-founder and artistic creator of loveOttawa

They have always supported charities, giving to them so much through their photographs capturing customers, donors, staff and volunteers. They helped paint a picture of the important work done by charities in Ottawa. Whether it’s Youth Services Bureau, Ottawa Food Bank, Parkdale Food Centre, Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre, HighJinx, Ottawa Welcoming Week , Connect Ottawa or United Way East Ontario, these organizations are grateful to Dwayne and Anita for lending their talents.

In the summer months leading up to COVID-19, Dwayne and Anita also volunteered to take exchange students to Ottawa on sightseeing tours throughout the city, mentoring them and introducing them to local influencers.

“Through photography and what we’ve done over the past few years to help, it’s really important to be there for people.” — Anita Ruivo, co-founder and artistic creator of loveOttawa

For four years, loveOttawa and United Way have partnered for GivingTuesday to capture images and stories that showcase United Way’s work, sharing our region’s impact online with their followers. The stories our partnership has captured have helped us tell so many inspiring stories while explaining the importance of giving generously during the holiday season.

Do you know someone who is doing a good job in their community? Nominate a community builder today.