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Great Basin Brewing Company Announces New Brewmasters

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — Great Basin Brewing Company fans can expect more innovation and continued growth. These are just some of the goals behind some of the company’s new moves. One of the biggest changes announced is that – for the first time ever – Great Basin has two brewmasters. Brewmaster Evan Eldridge will oversee the breweries while Brewmaster Aaron Halecky will focus on production and distribution. And they can’t wait to be more creative and bring their beer to more people.

“It’s a whole new chapter,” says Eldridge. “I’m super excited and the fact that I can release these innovative new beers and carry on the legacy and tradition of Great Basin, I’m super excited.”

“My big goal is just to increase growth and our distribution footprint and maintain our good processes here to deliver this quality beer to new markets,” says Halecky.

“Hopefully we’ll get into a wider market and expand further into California and Southern California, Arizona and Las Vegas,” says Billy Wentworth, who was just promoted to director of logistics. of warehouse.

Great Basin Brewing Company has been a pioneer in the local craft brewing industry since its beginnings over 28 years ago. Local Food Group bought the business last year from Tom and Bonda Young. In the nearly six months since completing that purchase, the company has said it wants to expand the brewing side even further.

Jazz Aldrich, who has been promoted to general manager of the brewery, says even with an eye on future growth, those who have been Great Basin fans for years can still count on what they love.

“When it comes to beer, it’s always us. Nothing has changed,” says Aldrich, who adds that they will try to inject new energy into their beers.

“We will try to be more innovative,” he adds.

Currently, there are two restaurants in Northern Nevada: one in Sparks and one in South Reno. But that could change and that’s something Halecky is excited about.

“We want to create more breweries,” he says. “Maybe two in the near future.”

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