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‘It’s an institution’: Marin Brewing Company, pioneer of the craft beer movement, closes after 3 decades

LARKSPUR, Calif. (KGO) — A pioneering Bay Area restaurant and brewery is shutting down business after three decades in business. Rising rents and the coronavirus pandemic forced the owners of Marin Brewing Company to make the difficult decision, disappointing loyal customers.

This week, friends are having a nightcap at one of their favorite places, ever.

“This place is an institution, it’s the best, it’s very sad,” said customer Nick Lyon.

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It’s where pictures of loyal customers hang and hang on the wall, but after serving craft beers like Mt. Tam Pale Ale and thousands of other beers for three decades, the Marin Brewing Company in Larkspur is closing for good. his doors.

“It kinda breaks my heart, it’s been a real establishment here for a long time, family, friends, it’s just home,” said client Jessica Berkley.

“After all this time we have to pack up and move, it’s such a shame,” said owner and founder Brendan Moylan.

Moylan says rising rents and staffing shortages caused by COVID-19 have made it difficult to stay open.

“You think you might have it ready and organized, a good back-up plan, but here comes COVID, which is rearing its head for many small businesses,” he said.

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Marin Brewing Company was a pioneer of the craft beer movement in California, opening its doors in 1989 when few people even knew how. Many prizes were collected.

Former home brewer Eric Veach brought his friends from Alameda to pay their respects.

“Any brewery you can find, they were probably inspired by this place, the genesis of the craft beer movement before it took off in the Bay Area,” Veach said.

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Fifty employees work here, some will be offered jobs at Moylan’s Pub, the Moylan’s Pub, in Novato.

A planned silent auction of restaurant memorabilia will raise funds to help departing employees.

“Losing your work family is tough. We have an amazing group of people who are supporting us and have been hanging on, it’s kind of our way of helping out,” Moylan said.

The brewpub’s last toast is January 31.

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