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Lost Generation Brewing Company arrives in Eckington

327 South Street NE

Thanks to R Sverd for sending: “oooh new brewery signage in Eckington @ 4th & S St NE steps from MBT”

“Lost Generation Brewing Co. will open in Eckington, D.C. this summer, bringing you craft lagers, IPAs, and assorted delights.”

The Lost Generation website says:

“Lost Generation started as a whispered dream between husband and wife late at night, often several beers. industry, but still with that lingering promise whispered years ago that we would come home and build the brewery we wanted at the time.

Beer motivates us. It unites us. We carefully choose the best batches of hops to create an IPA that inspires, take the time and care for our lagers to ensure they will amaze, and hand-select our aging program barrels to ensure that what will always impress. We believe that if you want to do it, do it well and do it well. And that’s because we make beer for the people we love: family, friends, neighbors, and even the thirsty.

We also realize that no brewery could survive without the community that supports it, which is why we partner with local charities and artists. After all, the brewing industry is synonymous with reciprocity, collaboration and community.

Here we believe that every pour is an invitation to be one of us. As Gertrude Stein once said, “You are all a lost generation.” Here, we hold that to be true. We’re all the same, so let’s raise a glass and have a beer together.