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Over 4,000 kegs returned to brewers association members

As the brewing community has grown, the number of lost kegs that have arrived at Microstar’s quality service facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Earlier this year, the Brewers Association funded a limited-time offer to pay a one-time freight charge to return kegs to brewers who had not previously participated in MicroStar’s Keg Repatriation Program.

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Although the “Free Freight” program enrollment offer ended on January 31, 2018, MicroStar continued to honor quotes through mid-February. At the end of the programs, 4,228 kegs from 99 member breweries were sent home where they can be put back into circulation, delivering draft beer to thirsty customers.

“No one knew what to expect,” said Ryan Gerczak, plant manager, MicroStar Quality Services, “but from our perspective, it was a huge success to bring home 4,228 kegs!”

The wasted keg problem costs each brewer between $0.46 and $1.37 per barrel of annual keg production. The high cost of lost kegs directly impedes job growth, reduces profits for brewers, distributors and retailers, and increases the retail price of beer made in the United States. For more information, visit This site provides information to help consumers, home brewers, retailers, distributors, brewers and scrapyards understand the issues associated with lost kegs.

Garrett Marrero, owner of Maui Brewing, was able to recover lost kegs through the program. He commented, “We participated in the drum return program because we had identified more than a few drums scattered across the country. It was great to have the support of BA and MicroStar to get our cooperage back. Despite the difficulties of repatriation to Hawaii, we managed to do it! Hats off to the BA for this great member benefit! »

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In the normal course of keg rental, service and repair, MicroStar receives and returns approximately 30,000 lost kegs per year. Although the free freight program has reduced the number of kegs in MicroStar’s warehouse, the company’s current lost keg inventory is still over 14,000 kegs. Breweries can visit to see if your brewery has stray kegs in it. MicroStar’s inventory. The list currently shows the number and size of lost kegs for nearly 400 breweries. The next step is to contact MicroStar to arrange the return of your kegs.