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America’s First Craft Brewery and San Francisco’s Original Steam Beer November 15

Brewing historian David Burkhart authored an overview of San Francisco’s legendary Anchor Brewing Company with a taste of Fritz Maytag

SAN FRANCISCO, November 10, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On November 15, Anchor Brewing Company historian David Burkhart publishes The Story of Anchor Brewing: America’s First Craft Brewery and San Francisco’s Original Steam Beer, a compelling 288-page insider’s guide to the pioneering brewery. Featuring three hundred images, most shown for the first time, this illustrated history of America’s most iconic craft brewery features a history of American brewing traditions and original house recipes for four of Anchor’s signature beers (Anchor Steam® , California Lager, Porter and Liberty Ale).

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The Anchor Brewing Story by David Burkhart (Photo: Business Wire)

Born and brewed in San Francisco, Anchor Brewing Co. is America’s first craft brewery with an extraordinary heritage dating back to 1896 and rooted in the California Gold Rush. Resolute and resilient, it survived earthquakes, fires, insolvency and prohibition. In 1965, when mass-produced beer dominated the American brewing landscape, Fritz Maytag rescued the nation’s smallest brewery from the brink of bankruptcy, preserving the legacy of his groundbreaking Anchor Steam® beer. Focused on tradition, quality and flavor, Maytag transformed Anchor Brewing Co., sparking a revolution that ushered in the craft beer movement. This foundation informs Anchor Brewing’s spirit of innovation today. The brewing team continues to handcraft venerable beers that delight connoisseurs and stand the test of time.

Published by Ten Speed ​​Press, a division of Penguin Random House, The Anchor Brewing Story is a book for beer drinkers, home brewers, professional brewers, entrepreneurs, San Francisco enthusiasts, and anyone who loves a good throwback tale. After its release, the book will be available in hardback ($32.50) and e-book ($13.99) form with online distribution and retailers across the country.

about the authors

Award-winning author and historian David Burkhart graduated with honors from Yale. In 1991, he joined the small team of Anchor Brewing Co., where he worked side-by-side with owner and master brewer Fritz Maytag. During his more than thirty years at Anchor, Burkhart has done nearly all of the brewery work, adding brewery historian Anchor to his many titles in 2010. His books on the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and mixologist William T. “Cocktail” Boothby have won numerous awards. price. Burkhart is also a professional trumpeter; a Grammy-nominated founding member of the Bay Brass; a performer with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Opera and Ballet; and professor at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Fritz Maytag grew up in Newton, Iowa. He graduated from Deerfield Academy in 1955 and Stanford in 1959, where he later studied Japanese. Owner of York Creek Vineyards and Chairman Emeritus of Maytag Dairy Farms, Anchor Brewing Co. and Anchor Distilling Co., Fritz is the recipient of Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional and Lifetime Achievement Awards from the James Beard Foundation.

About Anchor Brewing Company

Founded in San Francisco in 1896, Anchor Brewing Company is America’s first craft brewery, a pioneer and industry leader that persevered through earthquakes, fires and Prohibition. In 1965, Anchor’s new owner, Fritz Maytag, relaunched the brewery for a new era, charting a course that was fundamental to the craft beer movement. During this time, Anchor reinvented its now classic Steam Beer, introduced the first American Pale Ale, and pioneered new brewing practices, such as dry hopping, that are still used throughout the industry today. today. As a proudly unionized brewery, Anchor’s vibrant beer portfolio includes complex ales, refreshing IPAs and iconic classics such as Anchor Steam®, Liberty Ale, Anchor Porter, California Lager and Christmas Ale. As always, Anchor Brewing remains committed to innovation while handcrafting venerable beers that stand the test of time. Locals and visitors to the Bay Area can experience Anchor Brewing in person at their iconic brewery and Public Taps taproom in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood. To learn more, visit and follow Anchor Brewing on Instagram, Twitterand Facebook.

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