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Atlanta Brewing Company closes its current location

Atlanta Brewing Company said in an Instagram post this week that it will be moving to a new location.

ATLANTA — An Atlanta brewery will close in its longtime Underwood Hills home, it announced this week, “in order to move to a new location.”

Atlanta Brewing Company, which was founded in the early 90s as Red Brick Brewing Company and bills itself as Georgia’s oldest craft brewery, said on Instagram that it will be closing its current dining hall and brewery on July 3.

They plan to continue making beer in partnership with another brewer while waiting to sell it in-store. The company said on Instagram that “this is not a ‘goodbye’ but a ‘see you soon'”.

Atlanta Brewing did not specify in the Instagram post where or when they would reopen. They moved into the building at 2323 Defoor Hills Rd. in 2006.

“Atlanta Brewing has been blessed to live and be part of the Upper Westside community and craft beer culture for 15 years,” their Instagram post said. “While we enjoyed our time in the Upper Westside, now is the time for ABC to move on to new and exciting things!”

The post continued: “We have made the decision to close our Defoor Hills Brewery and Tasting Room in order to relocate to a new location. The last day the tasting room will be open will be Sunday July 3.”

“Thank you to everyone who spent their evenings, weekends and special events with us – we couldn’t do it without you! Please come see us and celebrate our next adventure with a few beers and stay tuned. listening for more information on our new location.”