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Atlanta Brewing Company will move to basement in Atlanta

Underground Atlanta gets yet another new occupant. On July 6, Underground Atlanta owner Lalani Ventures announced that Atlanta Brewing Company would be moving to the former Atlanta Welcome Center location on Upper Alabama St.

Atlanta Brewing Company opened in Midtown in 1993 and later moved to Defoor Hills Rd in 2007. In June they announced the move and the venue closed on July 3.

“We are disruptors in our industry and we care about this life in Atlanta,” said Alton Shields, president, CEO and general manager of Atlanta Brewing Company, in a press release. “We wanted to operate in a place that was creative and embraced Atlanta culture. What better way to represent the city of Atlanta than to move into Metro Atlanta and help bring it back to life. We’re going to make it a place where Atlantans have their most delicious moments over a good beer in the heart of the city.

Atlanta Brewing Company will transform the 8,600 square foot space into two distinct parts: a brewery open for tours and an indoor/outdoor bar featuring 20 beers and a “ghost kitchen” with rotating chefs.

This move is just a small part of Underground Atlanta’s revitalization efforts. Last year, Robert Montwaid of Chattahoochee Food Works announced plans to open a 21-stand food court in the space. Other upcoming occupants include Dancing Crepes, Dolo’s Pizza and Daiquiriville.

“Two iconic Atlanta brands coming together in downtown South mark a turning point for the region,” said Mary Turner, leasing manager at Lalani Ventures. “We carefully target the right concepts that support our vision to become the center of gravity for arts, culture and entertainment in Atlanta. Partnering with brands like Atlanta Brewing Company not only enhances the customer experience at Underground, but also re-engages the massive population of students and office workers downtown who are looking for great places to hang out.

Atlanta Brewing Company and Underground Atlanta have yet to announce an opening date.