Brewers association

BA files comments on proposed changes to brewer notification requirements

The Brewers Association has filed favorable comments on Office of Revenue and Commerce Notice No. 212, Modernizing Qualification Requirements for Brewers’ Notices. In an effort to ease the burden on industry members, the proposed amendments address the following issues:

(1) eliminate the collection of certain information from Brewer Reviews;
(2) replace the required narrative descriptions of the premises with more specific information;
3° extend from 30 days to 60 days the deadlines for declaring certain changes in the activity of the brewer;
(4) streamline procedures for brewers using new trade names by allowing use of the trade name upon notification and without requiring TTB approval;
(5) permitting required records to be kept at locations other than the brewery’s premises by means of a notice rather than a request for alternative procedure;
(6) clarify which persons are required to submit declarations of financial interest in the business as part of a request for a brewer’s opinion;
(7) reduce the frequency of physical inventories for certain brewers and provide additional flexibility in the timing of inventories;
(8) streamline procedures for ceasing activity as a brewer;
(9) allowing entities operating multiple breweries to obtain a bond covering all operations; and (10) eliminating the requirement for brewers to notify the TTB before voluntarily destroying paid beer off brewery premises.