Brewers association

Board of Directors – Brewers Association

The Brewers Association was formed in 2005 through the merger of the Brewers Association and the Brewers Association of America. Our goal is to unify the combined 94-year history of service, and to promote and protect the interests of America’s craft brewing community. This merger of trade groups will allow the craft brewing community to speak with one voice on legislative and regulatory issues and with the media.

Calendar of meetings for 2022

February 16-17

Boulder, Colorado.

June 22

washington d.c.

September 29

Grand Rapids, Mich.

1st December

Birmingham, Alabama.

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Brewers Association Board of Directors
Back row, left to right: Garrett Marrero, Tomme Arthur, Marcus Baskerville, Colby Cox, Tim Brady, Jason Perkins, Pamela Brulotte, Fred Matt, Chris Herron
Middle row, left to right: Kris Spaulding, Cassie Salinas, Virginia Morrison, Holly Redding, Betty Bollas, Melissa Romano
Front row, left to right: Leah Cheston, Sara Nelson, Roxanne Westendorf, Dan Kleban, Jason Lavery, Peter Skrbek

Board members