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Boston-Based Lord Hobo Brewing Company to Open First Florida Location in Tampa Heights | Openings & Closings | Tampa

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Lord Hobo Brewing Company/Facebook

Between Hidden Spring Ale Works, Magnanimous Brewing and Woven Water Brewing, Tampa Heights is already a hub for craft beer. And when the Lord Hobo Brewing Company, based in Boston, will open its flagship beer garden at 2304 N Florida Ave., she further contribute to this brewing culture.

This will be Lord Hobo’s fourth location, but the first outside of the greater Boston area. Located between Joe Haskins Bike Shop and Metropolitan Ministries, as well as across from Grand Cathedral Cigars, Lord Hobo’s first Florida location will feature an outdoor biergarten, kid-friendly recreation area and rooftop bar, though the Plans do not show any space for mixing on site.

Click to enlarge A site plan for the Lord Hobo site proposed by Tampa Heights, uploaded to the City of Tampa's Accela portal on February 7, 2022. - CITY OF TAMPA PUBLIC RECORDS

City of Tampa Public Archives

A site plan for the site Lord Hobo proposed by Tampa Heights, downloaded from Accela portal of the city of Tampa Feb. 7, 2022.

They show a small kitchen space, so expect perhaps a few mouthfuls of beer when Lord Hobo will debut. It is a work of complete demolition, so it will probably take some time before its doors officially open.

The plan is still subject to the approval of the city council Tampa.

The project architect took to the Facebook comments under the URBN Tampa announcement post to answer a few questions and explain more about Lord Hobo’s construction.

“We are incorporating a dedicated space that will be set up so that parents and children can safely enjoy playtime without feeling disconnected or separated from the rest of the space,” wrote architect Patrick Thorpe, of the construction company Allegedly Design. The 4,000 square foot outdoor recreation area will be located adjacent to the 6,185 square foot beer garden.

Thorpe also states that he has been in contact with the Tampa Heights Neighborhood Association and that Lord Hobo’s new building will have a “pedestrian-friendly streetscape with a cohesive building facade that enhances the neighborhood.”

URBN Tampa, which stands for United Residents for Better Neighborhoods, also confirms that there will be five on-site parking spaces accompanied by 75 off-site parking spaces within 1,000 feet of Lord Hobo.

Lord Hobo expanded its distribution to Florida in 2017, as craft beer enthusiasts may have noticed its beers in Tampa Bay bars and restaurants like Stein and Vine, Stillwaters Tavern, Thirsty First, and the Ale and the Witch. Some of Lord Hobo’s most popular beers include his Doom Sauce Double IPA, Free Bird Golden Ale, Angelica Hazy IPA and Glorious New England IPA.

Last year, Lord Hobo made headlines for his involvement in a scandal #metoo, which led to the resignation of its CEO Dan Lanigan, after allegedly harassed his employees and colleagues. Lanigan is still on the board of Lord Hobo, according, although it was replaced by Brian Walsh as CEO.

The @emboldenactadvance Instagram page, which collects anonymous accounts of sexual assault and harassment in the craft beer world, has been instrumental in spreading information about Lanigan. The highlight of the account’s “FL Stories” are various stories of misconduct associated with Hidden Ale Spring Works, Lord Hobo’s future neighbor in Tampa Heights.

Own Hidden Spring, Josh Garman, denied the charges and told the Tampa Bay Times “although we are aware of the allegations against us and despite the fact that it is deeply uncomfortable to be unjustly accused, we support the rights of women in particular to be heard, even when we disagree vehemently with the allegations. “

Since the scandal last summer, Lord Hobo has put in place various measures to ensure the safety of its employees, including training on witnesses, sexual harassment and discrimination, a confidential reporting mechanism and a resource group for employees called “Women of Lord Hobo,” according Eater.

UPDATE 02/17/22 12:08. Update with the reports and notes on the approval of the city council Tampa.