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Brewers Association Launches Independent Craft Brewer Seal Retail Program

Free point-of-sale material designed to help customers identify independent craft beer

Boulder, Colorado.—As beer lovers vote with their dollars to support independent brewers, the Brewers Association equips on- and off-site retailers with free assets to activate the independent craft brewer seal and differentiate authentic independent craft beer from acquired brands by Big Beer.

From top beer bars and restaurants to liquor stores and grocery stores, retailers interested in improving how they promote independent craft beer can visit a new microsite launched today at -seal/supporters/. Here, retailers can upload point-of-sale materials that will allow them to directly support and call independent craft beer to customers interested in supporting innovative small businesses.

“Independence isn’t just important, it pays and rewards both retailers and beer lovers,” said Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program Manager, Brewers Association. “Beer drinkers express that transparency and underlying ownership can drive their purchase intent. Data shows that independent craftsmanship outperforms brands acquired by Big Beer on a number of metrics. Retailers have many reasons to enter into the agreement to support and differentiate independent craft brewers at the point of sale.”

According to a recent Nielsen study, independent crafts reach more people with 24% higher household penetration than brands acquired by Big Beer. More is spent on independent beer, with the purchase size for independent craft consumers being 12% higher than the purchase size of consumers of the brand acquired by Big Beer. Independent craft consumers buy 43% more frequently per year than consumers of brands acquired by Big Beer.

Since its launch in June 2017, more than 3,200 small independent craft breweries, representing more than 75% of independent craft volume, have adopted the seal, displaying it on packaging, in breweries, on websites, social networks and more. According to VinePair“The Brewers Association seal could easily exceed the reach and impact of organic food labels.”

Contact: Abby Cohen (on behalf of the Brewers Association), 646-695-7044


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