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Brickyard Hollow Brewing Company to Open Fourth Location in Ogunquit, Maine

OGUNQUIT, Maine – You’re seated at the table, joined by family, friends, or both, and you can smell the pizza in front of you.

It’s a 16 inch, topped with mashed potatoes, bacon, shallots and a drizzle of sour cream chives.

Or maybe it’s topped with smoked BBQ pork, Fuji apple slices and red onions.

Or Maine blueberries, ricotta cheese, roasted shallots and some lemon zest.

It’s up to you. Same with beer. Maybe you have a glass of West Side Trail Ale by your side. Or Pumgustuk Porter. Or the German Bock. Or one of nine other beers the company makes itself. Again, your choice – it’s all there on the menu, alongside pub grub and other dishes.

You have the artisan pizza. You have craft beer. You have your family and your friends. But where are you?

You’re at Brickyard Hollow Brewing Company, which is set to open at 335 Main Street on Friday, July 1, according to co-owner Brad Moll. The brasserie and restaurant are opening in the former space occupied by Bintliff’s Steak House and, before that, The Viking ice cream parlor.

“It’s always been a good place,” Moll said.

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Bring Brickyard Hollow to Ogunquit

Food and beer have proven themselves, as Moll owns three other Brickyard Hollows along the coast of Maine, in Yarmouth, Freeport, and Portland. This new site in Ogunquit is expanding its operations south.

“When I was looking for a new location, I was looking for a small town that didn’t have a craft brewery — something small enough that we could connect with the community,” Moll said. “It was just a good place… It was a good choice for us.”

Brickyard Hollow Brewing Company opens July 1 in Ogunquit.

Brendon Medeiros will serve as operations manager for the brewery, as he is for the company’s other locations. Currently, Brickyard Hollow is recruiting for two positions: a cook and a delivery man. Anyone interested in either of these two positions can email Medeiros at

This new Brickyard Hollow creates about 40 new jobs in the community, according to Moll.

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Restaurant to celebrate Ogunquit and its history

Moll strolled through the restaurant on Tuesday as construction crews busily worked around him. Merchandise will be sold there, he said, pointing to a corner near the entrance. A cooler filled with the company’s own beers will be here, he added, nodding to a space next to the counter where hosts will greet diners. He also indicated where the bar will be and offered an overview of the dining areas. One of them has windows that offer a glimpse of the inside of the brewery at the back.

The dining halls will seat about 100 people, Moll said.

Brickyard Hollow Brewing Company opens July 1 in Ogunquit.

The walls have two shades, ‘greige’, a mix of gray and beige, at the top and ‘sealskin’, a soft brown, at the bottom. On opening day, they will have photos celebrating the community of Ogunquit and its history – decor in line with the other Brickyard Hollows that pay homage to their locations. Moll said he worked with the Wells-Ogunquit Historical Society to come up with ideas for what to feature.

“We found some really cool photos, with the help of those people there,” Moll said. “We have a really cool mural on Ogunquit Beach from the early 1900’s.”

And an iconic photo of legendary actress Bette Davis, who as a teenager was a local lifeguard before becoming famous and immortalized on the big screen.

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The meaning of the name Brickyard Hollow

Yarmouth is where Brickyard Hollow has its own history.

“While it may be hard to believe due to the character and loveliness of our downtown area, the coastal town of Yarmouth wasn’t always what it is today,” the company says on its website.

In fact, the downtown area, including 236 Main Street, where the original Brickyard Hollow brewery is located, was once all wet and muddy on its land separating Yarmouth’s fishing industry and farming community from the interior. At the turn of the 20th century, the city eliminated this marshy boundary line and filled the hollow with black ash from the local paper mill. Over time, this area has become a gathering place for the community.

Today, the company hopes its fourth location will also become a gathering place for the Ogunquit community. The brasserie and restaurant will be open seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

“We’re a very family and community place,” Moll said. “We would love to see everyone of all ages here.”