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Business Snapshot: Wisconsin Brewing Company Event Raised $31,000 for Ukraine | Company

A five-hour event on Sunday, April 24 featuring five Ukrainian beer recipes was a huge success, Wisconsin Brewing Company bar and events manager Sara Eustice told reporters.

Because there were five other breweries involved, it took a few weeks to determine how much money had been raised, but Eustice has now confirmed that $31,000 had been raised, which went to the Pravda brewery, located in the city ​​of Lviv, Ukraine.

There were 3,000 people in attendance and they sold over 4,500 beers, Eustice said. They sent the funds to the Pravda brewery.

“From there, he will continue to help the Ukrainian army,” she said.

The Brew for Ukraine event was organized by the Lviv brewery. Pravda has invited brewers from around the world to brew and serve its recipes, as a show of global support for Ukraine.

The brewery has shared not only five of its beer recipes, but also original label art and graphics for brewers around the world to replicate in their own communities.

Five Madison-area breweries collaborated to create the “Victory Series,” using five Pravda recipes.

Beers include Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company’s Putin Huylo, dry-hopped strong ale; Syla, a Belgian triplet from Giant Jones Brewing Company; Red Eyes, an American red ale from Working Draft Beer Company; Frau Ribbentrop, a Belgian witbier from Vintage Brewing Company; and From San To Don, an Imperial Ukrainian stout from Grumpy Troll Brewpub.

Also at the event were commemorative shirts, water bottles and cups sold in the national colors of Ukraine, blue and gold, as well as pies, scones, cookies, breads and bars from Sugar River Country Bakery and cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

Anastasiia Stanila, originally from Ukraine, ran the stand with Ukraine Raffle, with proceeds going to the needs of soldiers and evacuated families.