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Carlisle Brewing Company is the beer you need

WHEN it comes to making heart malt, there’s no better place to do it in the region than the ever-popular Carlisle Brewing Company.

The family business, of Alison and Alain Davis, brought the first brewery back to Carlisle since 1987 from the back of their pub, the Spinners Arms in Cummersdale in 2013.

When the couple took over the pub in 2007, after considering their selection of real ales, they decided to venture out and create their own – which eventually led to the company opening a larger production site in the Kingstown industrial area in 2015.

“The year we moved there was the year of the floods, so it was an interesting start to building a business, but we’re still here and we’re going strong, that’s what matters and now we supply beer all over Cumbria,” says Alison.

Where it all started.

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Alain has a natural tendency to make delicious beers from local recipes, which has led to quite a long list of delicious and crisp beers under the branch name, including; blonde infusions; toffee and toffee flavors as well as hoppy and pale beers.

“We’re really excited right now because local author MW Craven’s famous character, Washington Poe, his favorite beer is our Spun Gold beer, so we’re getting great feedback as well. It’s really going from strength to strength.

News and Star: A Washington Poe favoriteA Washington Poe favorite

“We love what we do, a big part for us with the brewery is that we’ve created something from scratch. Seeing a product grow and then working on every aspect, from taste to design, all of that makes it very satisfying the end product,” she said.

Random this got you in the mood for some of their premier thirst quenchers, you don’t have to look too far as the Carlisle Brewing Company is housed in pubs all over Carlisle and Cumbria with even a possibility of buy bottles online.

“I was born and raised in Carlisle, for me to go to a pub I went to when I was 18, to see our beer at the bar there, you can’t get better than that.

“It really makes a splash. I’m always really happy to bring a beer to a pub I used to drink in when I was younger, it just makes me laugh,” she said.

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