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Drink of the Week: Cutthroat Brewing Company Pomegranate Mojito

In our Drink of the Week segment, we’ll be showcasing a unique type of beer, wine, cocktail – you name it – to try at one of the basin’s countless breweries, bars and restaurants.

Pomegranate Mojito from Cutthroat Brewing Company
Provided / Ruthless Brewing

I know I know. The introduction of this weekly column does not suggest that we feature articles outside the pool. But for this week, we’re going on a (short) road trip so stay with me.

After the Tamarack Fire tore through the entire town of Markleeville (just up the mountain from South Lake Tahoe) last year, all businesses were, thankfully, spared. One of them, the Cutthroat Brewery, gives you a great afternoon destination for something a little different.

While you might be wondering why I’m not offering a beer from a brewery, the idea of ​​showing the diversity of what you get when you visit, like a pomegranate mojito, is super intriguing.

Silver rum, pomegranate juice, a simple sage syrup and fresh mint are the skaters on the ice. Shaken and garnished with fresh lime, it is poured into a mason jar style glass. On the nose, you can pretty much smell each of the components peeking through, and it smells fantastic.

Pomegranate juice not only gives this drink a deep red-purple hue, but it also stings the taste buds with polarizing flavors (sour and sweet). Seems like he’s been rum’s best friend since birth – that’s how they go together.

The fresh mint helps bring lightness to the cocktail, but the special thing here is that sage sweetener. It adds an earthy vibe without being too earthy. I know that might not make a whole lot of sense, but it helps anchor all the other ingredients, while amplifying the essence of each – a lot of complexity in something quite simple.

They go down really easy so after the first one you might want to try their beer once you’re done. And for all the dog lovers out there, they’re dog friendly – even offering you a few menu items for your four-legged friend. In any case, no matter what you are looking for in your eating or drinking coordinates, they should have you covered.

Cutthroat Brewing Company is located at 14830 State Route 89 in Markleeville, California. For more information, visit them on the web at or by phone at 530-694-1865.