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Higherground Brewing Company Helps Fund Hamilton Fire Station

Left to right: Hamilton Mayor Dominic Farrenkopf, Upperground Brewer Joel Connolly and Hamilton Fire Chief Brad Mohn prepare for a teaser. Photo by Nathan Boddy.

by Nathan Boddy

There were lots of smiles and cheers at Higher Ground Brewery on Friday June 18 as the brewery unveiled its new ‘Backdraft Imperial Red IPA’. Hamilton Mayor Dominic Farrenkopf, Councilor Dan Mitchell and Hamilton Volunteer Fire Chief Brad Mohn were on hand for the unveiling. Many volunteer firefighters were also on hand to quench their thirst, while supporting the upcoming construction of a new fire hall for the City of Hamilton.

Mayor Farrenkopf explains, “We are building a new fire station and trying to do it in the most economical way possible. One of those ways is to get help with community fundraising. In light of this desire, he explains that “Councillor Dan Mitchell came up with the idea of ​​approaching one of the local breweries.” After a visit with Fire Chief Mohn, the owners of Upperground Brewing Company quickly bought into the idea.

Mayor Farrenkopf has graciously offered to purchase the first tower, but of course the long-term hope is that residents will stop and do their part to fund this important long-term resource. As Mayor Farrenkopf mentioned, “There are so many ways to give, and it’s a fun way to enjoy a good drink while you raise money for the fire station.

Joel Connolly, manager and assistant brewer, says they’ve brewed around 16 casks of the new IPA, so he’s not sure how long supplies will last. One thing is certain, however, and that is that all proceeds, which amount to a few dollars for each serving, will go to the new fire station.

When asked to describe the flavor of the IPA, Connolly replied, “It’s a bit sweet and not too bitter.” At 8% ABV, it says it’s strong. “Like firefighters.”

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