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In-Law Brewing Company Receives Conditional Approval for Move | Business

LOUISVILLE — The St. Lawrence County Planning Board has conditionally approved plans for the In-Law Brewing Company to relocate from its County Road 14 location to the former Department of Environmental Conservation building of the state, a one-acre lot on Louisville Road near Route 37, which was once Louisville Elementary School.

“If this sounds familiar, we looked at In-Law Brewery a few years ago when they originally planned to move to State Highway 37. The project didn’t happen, and now they’re back with a different location and are looking to increase their operations,” St. Lawrence County Planning Director Jason C. Pfotenhauer told planning board members Thursday night.

He said the plan is to have on-site brewing, as well as a tap room and an outdoor beer garden. The company also offers an outdoor cooler as well as a palisade type fence with outdoor lighting along the property line. A residence is located nearby, and Mr. Pfotenhauer said the facility could not be within 200 feet of the nearby residential area.

“Building to building is 140 feet, so that’s a consideration,” Pfotenhauer said.

He said a zone deviation from the city’s zoning appeal board may be needed to remedy the situation.

He said parking is also a concern for the location. The current location has additional parking adjacent to the existing site and also parking along the highway.

“Probably the biggest county-wide impact here is the limited parking at the site,” he said. “This is a safety issue for staff and one that we fear will also arise at this site due to the successful nature of this business. This is something that should be considered a special use permit. Whether it is a special use permit or not, parking must be considered in this project. »

He said planning department staff are recommending approval of the plan with certain conditions, including submission of a parking plan showing the number and location of sufficient parking spaces and addresses.

“Tell us where your parties can go. Show us how it’s going to be set up on your lawn. Let’s see exactly how much parking you are going to have. So let’s try to find additional parking, because we know how successful you are, ”he said. “You’re a successful business, but don’t park cars on a county highway. It’s just not safe for anyone.

Pfotenhauer said the department understands an agreement is in the works to allow parking across the road where equipment for the New York Power Authority’s Smart Path project has been stored. This area is now clear.

“There is plenty of room for additional parking. This would be, in the opinion of the staff, OK. The reason I say OK is because you’re still crossing the county highway. A better setup might be if you could make a deal with a neighbor here,” he said, pointing out that one area is vacant land and an access road to a cellphone tower. “Consider the possibility of finding a parking arrangement here. This way you are not crossing a main road.

Part of the lighting plan is also a concern.

“The lighting is planned and not directed towards the road or the neighbours. That’s what we want to hear. Staff are always concerned about the next set of questions regarding the need for this amount of lighting and proximity to the neighboring residential plot,” Pfotenhauer said.

The planning department wants In-Law Brewing to review its lighting plan, including lighting near the residence which is 140 feet away.

“Staff would really ask them to look into this carefully. Do they need that much lighting there, and staff think the lighting could be removed from the fence on the south lot line. There are many other lights on the building. This would be to ensure there was no conflict with the residents next door,” Mr Pfotenhauer said.

Although not in the initial set of terms, board member Kim G. Bisonette suggested that the plan address restrooms.

“Great point. We will make this point. It’s something you have to consider,” Mr. Pfotenhauer said.

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