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Julia Herz Joins Brewers Association as Executive Director of American Homebrewers — New School Beer + Cider

Nonprofit Trade Association of American Craft Breweries Brewers Association(BA) have rehired Julia Herz, former Director of the Craft Beer Program, in a new role as Executive Director of the American Homebrew Association®(AAH). Herz was fired from the BA in June 2020, part of a major round of COVID-19-related layoffs that has rocked the industry and cemented the bleak and bleak outlook for craft beer in the wake of the pandemic. With things looking up and with Herz working as a successful industry consultant over the past year+ the organization has brought her back to lead the group’s homebrewing division.

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Herz (pronounced “hers”) has over two decades of experience in the brewing industry, including two previous roles with the Brewers Association. She’s a cause marketing, award winning home brewer, BJCP certified beer judgean Advanced Cicerone®, a beer educator and co-author of Beer pairing: the essential guide for pairing pros and Beer and Food Classes. Herz’s accomplishments include creating and publishing craftbeer.comthe website for craft beer lovers, passionately promoting small independent craft brewers via national beer festivalsthe independent craft brewer sealand promote responsible beer enjoyment among mainstream media and beer enthusiasts.

“The Brewers Association is pleased to welcome back Julia, an accomplished home brewer, beer educator and evangelist whose exuberance has positively impacted the entire craft brewing community,” said Bob Pease, President and CEO of the leadership of the Brewers Association. “Julia has been integral to the success of the Brewers Association in her past role as Director of the Craft Beer Program, contributing to the upliftment of craft beer and the advancement of the community. We are confident that his energy and passion will spur the growth of the American Homebrewers Association and the homebrewing hobby.

“My brewing journey began in 1991 with my first batch of home brew. I have spent many years since as a strong advocate for the craft brewing community and now, many home brew batches later, I have looking forward to walking in the footsteps of so many amazing people as a leader of the AHA,” Herz said. “I will always consider myself a beer newbie on an endless journey to learn more about the art craft beer and the AHA is the perfect place to do it. I truly believe in the reward and value of the hobby and look forward to introducing home brewing to new audiences.

Founded in 1978 in Boulder, Colorado by Charlie Papazian and Charlie Matzen, the American Homebrewers Association is a nonprofit trade organization committed to promoting the homebrewing community and empowering them to brew the best beer in the world. The AHA provides educational resources for home brewing, hosts the world’s largest home beer competition, the National Homebrew Competition (NHC), publishes zymurgia® magazine, advocates for home brewers in the United States and hosts events promoting fermented beverages, including the annual HomebrewCon™. Beer lovers and anyone who wants to make their own beer are invited to learn more about Follow the AHA on Twitter, Facebookand instagram.

Herz’s first day with the American Homebrewers Association will be December 1.