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Larry Horwitz Named New Safety Subcommittee Chair

Larry Horwitz, a member of the Brewers Association (BA) board of directors, has been named chair of the safety sub-committee, which is part of the technical committee structure.

Horwitz is currently Brewmaster and Partner at Four String Brasserie in Columbus, Ohio. He has been a professional brewer and brewery consultant since 1992. He attended Ohio State University and is a graduate of both Association of Brewmasters of the Americas (MBAA) Malting and Brewing Science Program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he was chosen as the recipient of the William R. Hipp Fellowship, and the American Brewers Guild Brewery Science and Engineering Program.

Horwitz has been active in the Brewers Association for many years, serving on the Technical Committee and Quality Sub-Committee, as well as juries for Great American Oktoberfest® and beer world cup. He has also worked for the MBAA, serving as district chairperson, vice president and technical chairperson and as a board representative for several districts. He is currently a member of the board of directors of Ohio Craft Brewers Association, and teaches courses on brewing, beer judging and sensory analysis.

“I am passionate about producing great tasting, high quality craft beers and worker safety. Even the smallest craft brewers perform tasks on a daily basis that can be dangerous,” Horwitz said. “Producing high-quality, world-class beer doesn’t matter if each of our employees can’t return home safely to their families at the end of a shift. No beer or production procedure is worth your life, limb or eyes! »

Horwitz replaces Matt Stinchfield, who has chaired the safety subcommittee since its inception in 2013. Stinchfield will continue as an active safety subcommittee member and safety ambassador. Under Stinchfield’s leadership, the Safety Sub-Committee has produced valuable resources that help brewers develop and execute safety programs at their breweries, including online brewery safety training, exchange on safety and a variety of guidance documents covering topics such as protective clothing for brewery workers and confined spaces.

Visit the Best Practices section on to see a complete list of BA safety resources.