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Natterjack Brewing Company making a young man’s dream come true

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Natterjack Brewing Company is special in the growing world of small Canadian breweries.

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It is based on the dream of an incredibly creative, gifted and inspiring young man. The young man was Matthew Soos, and the devoted family are the Soos family: Peter, Kathy, his son Daniel and his family of Racheal, Elise and Danica – and with special grandmothers in supporting roles: Marg Varga and Jill Soos.

Natterjack Brewery is operated by the Soos family – Kathy, Peter, Elise, Danica and Daniel Soos. Missing from the photo is Rachael Soos, Dan’s wife. jpg, US

Natterjack is Matt Soos’ dream come true.

I had the honor of knowing the Soos family as they grew up, working with Pete and Kathy at West Elgin High School, and that’s where I met Dan and Matt. I have witnessed Matt’s journey as a student, athlete, friend, son, and full of creative, fun, and sometimes mischievous energy.

Matt Soos has endeared himself to everyone he met.

He was a forager – someone on the move, constantly gathering and searching for new things, and collecting or using those that were found. Matt’s curiosity and natural curiosity, coupled with his love of nature and all things outdoors, combined into a personality that was constantly buzzing with energy, ideas and plans.

Matt recorded this in his journal, his “cookbook”, where he recorded ideas, plans, brewing inspirations, designs and more. Peering through this treasure trove reveals a project to make smoke-infused beer; a beer opener, operated by shooting it with a bullet to remove the cork – and once tried it apparently worked.

Matt Soos attended beer brewing programs at Ridgetown College and Niagara College and was employed at the Muskoka Brewery at the time of his death in August 2015.

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Natterjack opened on September 22, 2018. It creates and sells premium, uniquely flavored craft beer, including Brew on Tap, 355ml cans, Growlers and Howlers, Kegs, Keg Fridges, clothes, Kombucha and various snacks and soft drinks.

Weekend family events are underway with themed activities, food trucks and live music. Natterjack is also a site for the Rodney Kiwanis Children’s Literacy Program.

Natterjack’s dream is to continue creating local craft beer inspired by local flavors and products. They hope to expand their retail hours in the future.

Natterjack is located at 25292 Talbot Line, West Lorne in the Village of Eagle on Highway 3. They can be contacted at 226-289-1472.