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New Development: Pelican Brewing Company Takes Shape in Lincoln City | News

After the project paused several months ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic, work resumed last spring and is continuing in earnest this fall for the Pelican Brewing Company’s Lincoln City site on Siletz Bay, just off the 101 freeway.

This is a concept drawing of the Lincoln City Pelican Brewing Company location on Siletz Bay.

Pelican Brewing Company CEO and co-owner Jim Prinzing said his company is preparing to launch the project in earnest in the fall of 2019.

“Our original plan was to start construction then and open in 2021, of course the pandemic got in the way and that changed our plans,” he said. “We mothballed the project as soon as the pandemic hit. We hit the pause button and completely halted the project just to assess where everything was going and what was going on.

As the pandemic subsided, Prinzing said the company has put the project back on track and work is continuing in earnest.

“Things are going well,” he said. “All site work is complete, foundations poured, building supports in place, framing started about two months ago and the final part of the roof is being installed.”

Interior work is expected to begin in early November for the approximately 14,000 square foot building. Prinzing declined to give specific details on the monetary value of the project. He estimated that around 20 people are working on the project at any given time.

The vision for the Pelican Pub comes from the surroundings.

“We were inspired by this site,” Prinzing said. “Just the beautiful views and that’s unique from our other Pelican locations.”

Prinzing said Pelican is adding new locations, the company wants them to be different from other locations, so there’s a reason to go to each one.

“So that’s how this site spoke to us with the views and the interaction between the bay and where the tide really goes out there are clams and there are all kinds of birds. The inspiration for the site was “how can we build something that is truly complementary to the dramatic landscape, really works with the heritage of Culter City, and brings in elements of the more modern type design that has prevailed in this area .”

Prinzing said that in researching a new location, his company was doing what he called “place-making.”

“There is a gap at this site between Taft district and before you get to Salishan,” he said. “We were really drawn to the site because it’s a bit removed from everything else and close enough to Newport and Depoe Bay, but it’s also close to Lincoln City and quite a distance from our location in Pacific City. It’s also close to destination sites.

Prinzing describes the new venture as a full-service restaurant and brasserie with a twist.

“We are in the process of dismantling our original brewhouse equipment that was launched at the Pacific City site,” he said. “To bring part of the heritage. It will produce tons of small batches of beer that will be served in all of our brewpubs, but especially at our Siletz Bay site.

The Lincoln City Pelican will feature a lobby with a bar for customers to drink while waiting for a table, and retail space will be adjacent to the lobby. The restaurant will include a main dining room with an island-style bar, a second-floor mezzanine with a bar, and two private dining rooms that can be closed for private events, such as weddings.

“We’re really looking forward to having a space dedicated to events and that it will be more space for community use,” he said.

“We see ourselves as a destination brand,” Prinzing said. “It’s really about memories, about the beach. We love sharing our beach communities with others and making them love them as we do. We’re a brewery; however, these are super family friendly locations. We want people create great beach memories.It’s really about getting together with friends and family.

Prinzing congratulated the City of Lincoln City as the company and city work on a tsunami evacuation route and possible employee housing on adjacent property at the Lincoln City site.

“Housing could be one of the uses of this property, or it could be parking, or it could be something else,” he said.

Pelican Lincoln City will also sport a large deck with an adjacent promenade.

“The boardwalk around this bridge will eventually connect to the Taft district, so we are working with the city with plans to connect these tows so you can walk neatly around the bay on broadwalk. So that will be really cool.

Prinzing said the Pelican in Lincoln City will also feature an indoor-outdoor venue that will include a crab boiling site and a crab tank.

Prinzing added that his company also plans to connect with nonprofits, schools and other community groups through in-kind donations, volunteer hours and monetary donations.

“We know it takes a village, so it’s really important for us,” he said. “These communities are small and our list is long in terms of how we like to participate. Our main objective is the education of children.

Pelican has three locations along the Oregon coast and employs approximately 300 people. The Pacific City brew pub, a brew pub in Cannon Beach and a production brewery and tap room in Tillamook. Pelican also operates lodging facilities along the northern Oregon Coast. A hundred people work in these establishments.

Lincoln City Pelican Brewing Company is scheduled to open in spring 2022.

“As we have grown over the years and recognized the size of our communities, a company like ours that always thinks small, always thinks family, there is such an opportunity to improve the quality of life, to ‘enhance diversity.’ Prinzing said. “Our company is in a very good position to do a lot of these things and preserve an incredible heritage of our places and take care of our beaches.”

The Pelican Brewing Company was founded in 1996 in Pacific City.