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Old Ox Brewery and Silver Branch Brewing Company to merge by July | News

Silver Branch Brewing Company and Old Ox Brewery will join forces to create a cohesive business that combines Old Ox’s brand recognition, distribution expertise and brewing ability with the hospitality experience, marketing experience and Silver Branch’s rapidly growing beer portfolio, according to an April 11 announcement.

Silver Branch Brewing Company, which opened in 2019, is based in Silver Spring, Maryland, company officials said. Old Ox Brewery has locations in Ashburn and Middleburg, according to its website.

“This merger provides us with some very exciting growth opportunities,” Old Ox Brewery founder Chris Burns said in a prepared statement. “We have incredible plans in store for our tasting rooms, our distribution portfolios and our new product launches. We look forward to sharing them with our customers. It’s going to be a lot of work, but it’s also going to be a lot of fun!

Each brewery will maintain its unique identity while seeking opportunities to cross-promote and provide new beer experiences to craft beer enthusiasts in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC, the announcement states. Silver Branch offers traditional European-style beers at its downtown Silver Spring tasting room, and Old Ox maintains a core competency in American craft styles that enjoys wide regional distribution.

“While our brewing styles are distinct, our philosophies are extremely well aligned,” said Christian Layke, co-founder of Silver Branch Brewing, in a prepared statement. “We both see beer as being as much about culture and experience as it is about the liquid itself.”

Silver Branch co-founder Christian Layke will serve as brewing director with co-founder Brett Robison serving as chief operating officer, the announcement said. Burns will serve as director of sales.

Robison said the partnership will allow both companies to leverage their expertise and continue to grow.

“The merger will allow both breweries to continue producing their well-known beers in addition to many new, innovative beers,” Robison said. “Beer lovers in Maryland, Virginia and DC will also have more opportunities to participate in cultural celebrations and beer launch parties in Silver Spring and Ashburn. This year we organize two Oktoberfest evenings, we are really delighted.

A celebratory collaborative project is expected to be released in May, the April 11 release said. The proposed merger is subject to the final negotiation and execution of an operating agreement. The intention is to be a fully combined and integrated company by the third quarter.