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Public Brewing Offering – Tasting Room Manager – Craft Beer Job Listing

TITLE: Tasting Room Manager

LOCATION: 1736 S. Broadway, Denver CO 80210



As a locally-focused brewery, the customer experience in our tasting room is key to our success. We will strive to make the guest feel like part of our brewery through a friendly, inviting and comfortable environment and by creating an engaging and personal interaction with every guest who walks through our doors. Our Dining Manager will serve as a leader in creating and implementing guidelines that enable dining room employees to provide the best possible service and hospitality to customers. We expect the Dining Room Manager to lead day-to-day dining operations and set a positive and motivating example for Dining Room staff. This is a full-time, salaried position that requires a responsible, self-directed, creative and hardworking individual who is passionate about craft beer and eager to constantly learn and grow.


  • Maintain a relaxing and comfortable space that meets brand standards
  • Review all customer feedback and reviews and manage all escalated customer service issues
  • Manage the food truck schedule and create and maintain relationships with local food establishments that partner with the dining facility
  • Research and execute event opportunities to build community and guest engagement
  • Coach staff through clear communication of expectations and regular interactions
  • Assess dining room staff training and resource needs, provide prompt feedback to staff regarding any performance or behavior issues, as well as encouragement for improvements and success
  • Ensure dining room staff meet all service expectations to meet customer needs quickly and efficiently and make them feel welcome and important
  • Determine and be adaptive, observant and responsive to labor needs based on seasonal changes and point of sale data
  • Help find, interview, hire and fire house employees
  • Understand and apply all regulations and practices to create a safe environment for guests and colleagues
  • Continuously develop and evolve all training processes and SOPs to align with evolving processes, procedures and service models
  • Maintain a dining room budget and understand financial goals in relation to overall brewery goals
  • Manage, maintain and replenish inventory for all storefront items
  • Help build the brewery brand through new merchandise creation and sales initiatives


  • 2+ years of experience in customer service or hospitality management, preferably in the food/beverage industry, with experience in purchasing, inventory controls, budget controls, personnel management and process improvement
  • Excellent customer service and organizational skills
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to speak effectively to guests, colleagues and management and both receive and provide constructive feedback
  • Calm demeanor and ability to work under pressure or in front of difficult guests
  • Ability to proactively anticipate and resolve issues in a fast-paced environment
  • Positive attitude and ability to work with a diverse set of people
  • Basic knowledge of tablet POS systems and other web-based / MS Office software
  • Availability to work full-time, including nights and weekends, with an average of 3-4 scheduled shifts
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Alcohol TIPS training certificate (or equivalent) required at start date
  • Ability to lift 35-50 lbs and move full drums (165 lbs) using a dolly
  • 21 years old

SALARY: Based on previous work experience, range: $40,000-45,000 plus tips, two weeks paid vacation and 48 hours accrued sick leave.

TO APPLY: Please send your CV to

We will always base our employment decisions on merit. However, we believe that a highly diverse workforce makes for better organization and strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply to join our team. While some level of service/hospitality management experience is highly valued, we value hardworking, creative, passionate and driven people who are willing to experiment, take risks, learn from their mistakes and to foster strong relationships within the community.

ABOUT THE PUBLIC OFFERING BREWING COMPANY: We are a start-up brewery located along the S. Broadway corridor in the Platte Park/Rosedale/Overland neighborhood of Denver with an expected opening in early September. We will operate a two-ship 10 BBL brewhouse with a focus on on-site sales welcoming, serving and engaging our neighbors and surrounding communities to the best of our abilities. You won’t find us on the Internet yet; we will be launching our website and social media in June. However, we will make every effort to have all interviews held on-site to allow candidates to get a sense of our space, brand, etc.