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The Baltimore Brewery will receive mentorship and financial support from the Brewing the Philanthropy Program
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BOSTON, October 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Brewing the American Dream, the philanthropic arm of Samuel Adams focused on providing mentorship and capital to food and beverage entrepreneurs nationwide, is proud to introduce Checkerspot Brewing Company to Baltimore, Maryland as the winner of his 11th Brewer Experienceship.

A staple among Brewing the American Dream’s diverse lineup, the Brewer Experienceship each year offers one craft brewer unparalleled access to brewing and business resources from Samuel Adams experts, including the founder and brewer Jim Koch himself. In addition to a trip to the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery where the winner will participate in a co-brewing day, the Brewer Experienceship winner has the opportunity to attend industry benefit events on behalf of Brewing the American Dream . In Jim’s case in 1984, the Great American Beer Festival was one of those industry events that changed the course of craft beer for everyone by putting Samuel AdamsBoston Lager On the map.

The Brewer Experienceship 2022 was deliberated live for the very first time. An in-person celebration of five finalists, the 1st annual Crafting Dreams Beer Bash was hosted on September 7e at Arlo SoHo at New York City. Finalists from across the country, including from Maryland Checkerspot Brewery, from ohio Fibonacci Brewery, the New York one Wolf & Warrior, California Brewing with Brothas, and Connecticut Rhythm Brewing, were able to showcase their signature beer and share their brewing and business history with the judges and beer enthusiasts. At the end of the evening, attendees voted for their favorite brewery of the group, which factored into the Brewing the American Dream team’s ultimate decision to crown Checkerspot Brewing Company as this year’s Brewing Experienceship winner. .

Founded by Judy and Rob Neff in 2018, Checkerspot Brewing Company is offering small-batch, carefully crafted, gluten-reduced beers at its Tasting Room based in Baltimore, Maryland. Deeply dedicated to the community, with ongoing charitable programs embedded in the brewery’s DNA, the brewery stood out among more than 50 applicants nationwide. Like Samuel Adams, Judy and Rob believe in good beer doing good – often giving back to organizations like The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Baltimore Military Muster and many others through fundraisers and beer collaborative.

“We were impressed with Judy and Rob’s beer – but even more inspired by their story,” said Jim Koch, founder and brewer of Samuel Adams. “Turning passion into purpose is what led me to create Brewing the American Dream. Checkerspot is a deserving brewery that truly appreciates the heart and science of beer and I’m thrilled to share that experience with them at Great American Beer Festival where I had my beginnings as a brewer about 38 years ago, I can only hope that this experience will put them on the same trajectory.

“We’re approaching five years in business, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate,” said Judy Neff, co-founder and brewer. “We have just found a new ‘forever home’ for the dining room and brewery, and with the Experienceship award, we look forward to expanding our impact on the Baltimore community and beyond.”

Checkerspot Brewing Company joins Brewing the American Dream at this year’s Great American Beer Festival as it returns to its live format. Details on the collaborative brew that will be served in Boston Beer and Checkerspot taprooms will follow in the coming months.

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About Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream
Jim Koch started Samuel Adams in his kitchen in 1984 when imported and domestic beer was the only option for beer lovers. In his quest for better beer, he sparked a similar revolution, the craft beer movement, inspiring a whole new category that has created millions of jobs in communities coast to coast. Following his success, and with a passion for supporting entrepreneurs who are where he found himself, Jim launched Brewing the American Dream – a philanthropic program that embodies Sam Adams’ pursuit of the best. Today, the program offers small business owners a variety of programs including: networking, coaching, webinars, and more.

Since Brewing the American Dream began in 2008, Samuel Adams has supported nonprofit lending partners by making more than 3,800 loans totaling more than $86 million to food and beverage entrepreneurs in 41 states across the country. Equally important, the program has provided business coaching and advice to over 13,000 people. Companies supported by this program have created or maintained more than 9,000 jobs in their local communities.

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The Boston Beer Company, Inc. (NYSE: SAM) began brewing Samuel Adams beer in 1984, and the Samuel Adams brand is recognized today as one of the largest and most respected craft beer brands. Our brand portfolio also includes Truly Hard Seltzer, Twisted Tea, Angry Orchard Hard Cider, Dogfish Head Brewery, Hard Mountain Dew and Sauza Agave Cocktails as well as other craft beer brands such as Angel City Brewery and Coney Island Brewing. For more information, please visit our Investor Relations website at, which includes links to all of our respective brand websites.

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