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Something’s Brewing returns to the almost famous brewery | Connecticut News

EAST GRANBY (WFSB) – We’re back at Almost Famous Brewing and thought they would be open by now.

Almost famous inches closer to open (WFSB).

We’ll let the owners tell you what happened.

“We should have the state liquor license in our hands any day now,” owner Chip Glanovsky said. “That’s what we’re waiting for. Yeah, we’re ready to go. The beer’s ready, we’ve got a full staff.

And most importantly, the tap room is ready.

Glanovsky told Courtney Zieller that the brewery will open with a cream stout to start.

“It has really nice roasted notes and, uh, uh, chocolate flavors,” he said. “Very good character. Really creamy. Really smooth. We also push it with nitrogen.”

The next beer the two talked about was a double sour IPA. Glanovsky asked a friend to share one of these beers with him and he told his brewery they must have something like this at Almost Famous.

Glanovsky said that beer doesn’t make you pucker up and suck your cheeks into your mouth, rather beer is tart and a little sweet.

“We went straight to it, and, uh, we thought we’d go for the fruitier with mango. We’ve tried it before. It turned out really good, so we thought we’d add it to the line for opening.”

Glanovsky said he also had a mango milkshake IPA. The beer has a bit of sweetness thanks to the added mango and the lactose adds a creamy taste to it.

And last but not least, you have a double IPA,” Zieller said.

“We keep it simple,” Glanovsky said. “It’s a traditional New England double IPA. Some nice citrus notes. Really well balanced. Nice on the palate. Um, great texture, and we think people are going to really love it too. We’re so delighted with the whole line.”

Glanovsky said he expects to have around 9 beers in the lineup as soon as they can open.


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