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Sponsorship Events – Brewers Association

“CBC was an absolute blast! From the ease of settling in to the friendly staff, we always felt welcome. Not only did the show provide us with new networking opportunities with so many breweries around the world, but it also gave us stronger visibility and presence in the brewing world in hopes of expanding our brand in a new industry. We look forward to next year.

“Sponsoring CBC and other BA events has been an invaluable way to increase our presence and improve our ability to interact with existing and potential customers. It’s also a great way to show our support for the craft beer community. »

“Sponsoring the Craft Brewers Conference has been a huge success for us over the years. This gives us the opportunity to catch up with our customers and meet new ones. Each year, we leave with many leads, new projects and new friends. It’s always been a good investment for us, and working with the Brewers Association has been great.

“The BA presented Crosby Hop Farm with a great sponsorship option that suited our budget and goals. For the first time, we were able to present an experience combining the presentation of world-class hops and the best beer in an incredible outdoor space for all to enjoy. Frequent pre-show communication as well as on-site support, including an enthusiastic beer crew, made this a fun and successful CBC.

“Homebrew Con was even better than we could have expected. We had a great time interacting with new and existing customers, and an even better time celebrating at the evening events. It’s also great to see familiar faces from the industry and swap stories about unique beers. »

“Brewcraft USA is proud to invest in Homebrew Con and the homebrew industry. Today’s homebrewers are tomorrow’s professional brewers and Homebrew Con is the perfect event to showcase innovative ingredients and products that will continue to advance not only the homebrewing industry, but also the art of brewing.

“Working with GABF is a great way to gain brand recognition and work directly with customers. Being able to get our brand across to such a wide audience is worth every penny. Customers are interested and engaged. Being able to bring fun activation and a unique guest experience in an unexpected location is priceless. The Brewers Association is fun to work with and the event itself runs seamlessly.”

“GABF offers an incredible opportunity to support our current clients and meet new prospects. We partner with craft brewers across the country who are looking for capital to grow, so being able to connect with all of these people in one place at the industry’s biggest event is invaluable. The visibility we gain by sharing a beer with brewers and owners in such a cool atmosphere, as well as seeing our logo around the venue, is awesome! »