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State Guilds – Brewers Association

State Brewers Guilds and Associations are professional non-profit organizations formed to provide an effective and united voice to protect and promote the interests of brewers in a given state or region. All 50 states have some form of brewers guild. Many states also have regional or city guilds organized to address local issues and advocacy efforts.

Guilds are at the forefront of a powerful and organized movement to successfully promote and implement, protect and maintain beer policies at the state and federal levels. They work every day to provide the necessary protections to license, regulate, tax and fairly enforce the legal sale of beer in a safe and beneficial way within their local communities. A single, unified state brewers guild is the most effective way to engage on liquor issues in the state capital.

From promoting local beer to advocating for favorable laws and lower excise tax rates, the collective voice of a guild can speak louder than that of individual brewers. Guilds hold festivals and beer weeks in cities or states to raise consumer awareness and sponsor educational conferences to provide professional development and networking opportunities for breweries of all sizes.

Joining a state brewing guild is essential in today’s fast-paced world to protect and maintain a brewing business and livelihood. For enthusiasts, retailers, wholesalers and other allied industry partners, membership in the State Brewers Guild supports important business and community relationships and therefore the success of the guild and local independent brewing companies.