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Two Brothers Brewing Company celebrates 25 years

25th anniversary

“It’s a big party. 25e anniversary is a big milestone and few companies are able to pull this off, so we’re very proud of that and can’t wait to show all of our fans a good time,” said Two Brothers Co-Founder Jim Ebel.

Two brothers held a celebration at Aurora’s Roundhouse on Thursday to celebrate his 25e anniversary. Brothers Jason and Jim Ebel opened Two Brothers Brewery in Warrenville in 1996, joining a rich tradition of local beer history.

“Naperville was definitely a town that had a brewery back when Adolph Coors was working in Naperville. Actually, which is pretty crazy and there are still caves in Naperville. They’re all locked down now, but they used to store beer in the caves and they’re just north of the DuPage River, which is pretty cool,” Jim said.

The start of the business

Before the brothers started the business, they lived abroad in France. Upon returning to the United States, they struggled to find the European style of beer offered overseas. Unable to shake off the beer, the idea of ​​Two Brothers took hold.

“It was actually our mom, because once at a family dinner we had she said you either have to open a brewery or shut up about beer because all you do is talk about beer and brewing and how much fun that would be,” said Jason Ebel, co-founder of Two Brothers. “So, you’re young, go try or stop talking about it.” And so we looked at each other and we went, ok I guess we have the green light, and let’s try.

Jim and Jason started with beers like: Domaine DuPage, Brown Fox and Prairie Path, paying homage to the region. Domaine DuPage, a French-style country beer, has become the company’s flagship beer and is the most awarded beer in the history of the brewers association, with nine awards over the past twenty years, all contributing to expand the footprint of Two Brothers.

Expansion and growth

“So we are now in ten states. So we’re not just a brewery in the Warrenville-Naperville area. We cover the Chicago metro area, as well as southern Illinois, and then a number of other states. So our beer is well received across the country,” Jason said.

Continuing the growth, the brothers expanded into coffee production because craft coffee and craft beer have a lot in common: from fermentation to flavor profiles. Both drinks also require passion and hard work to be successful.

“So we also have a coffee roasting business and a distillery where we roast coffee here in Warrenville. We produce about half a million pounds of beans a year just for the Chicago market. You can find it at all your local grocery stores as well as some nifty cafes and stuff that sell our product,” Jason said.

The two brothers are committed to spreading beer and its culture throughout the country.

“We have always realized that the community is what we need for our support. So we have to give our support back to the community,” Jim said.

Report by Anthony Yench and Patrick Codo of Naperville News 17

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