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USDA-ARS Releases New View on Aroma Hop Strain

The United States Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) has officially released a new public variety of hops. Hops formerly known as USDA-ARS Experimental Line 2006009-074 has been renamed “Vista”.

Vista joins Triumph, released in 2019, as the newest public hop variety released from the USDA-ARS research station in Corvallis, Oregon. According to Judy Thoet, Technical Director at Hops Research Council (HRC), “Vista is the result of an open-pollinated cross made in 2006 by Dr John Henning (ARS hop geneticist at Corvallis station) between the tetrapolid female Perle and an unknown diploid male. The resulting triploid line , Vista, was recognized early on as a vigorous plant with superior agronomic traits and unique aromatic characteristics.

Vista has consistently received favorable reviews in HopSource Sensory Analysis conducted by the Brewers Association. The hops have been enrolled in the HRC Elite Line growth program to ensure clean and adequate plant material for brewing trials. Vista also received favorable reviews in commercial trials. Thoet reports how “brewers have commented that this lineage ‘plays well in the sandbox’ with some of the major hop varieties” where “it displays aromas of gooseberry, white wine, white peach, honeydew and papaya. “. Steve Luke, Head Brewer and Founder of Cloudburst Brewing, 1,001-2,000 Barrel Brewery Award Winner and Brewer of the Year at the 2021 Great American Beer Festival®, said, “We used Vista in a pale ale while throughout, flavor additions in the kettle and whirlpool, and in the dry hopping. I remember it had notes of Meyer lemon, ruby ​​red grapefruit and bright pine. We would love to brew with it again.

Participants in 2022 Craft Brewers Conference® in Minneapolis, Minnesota will have the opportunity to evaluate Vista in a seminar led by breeder John Henning and delegates from the American hop growersand later samples of beers brewed with Vista at the Hop Growers of America booth in the BrewExpo America® trade show. As with any new hop variety, only limited quantities from the 2021 crop are currently available.

To read Vista’s full USDA-ARS Release Notice, please visit the HRC website.