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Wisconsin Brewing Company is home to a giant pretzel

Hungry for more pretzels than you can eat in one sitting? They’ve got you covered at a Wisconsin brewery.

There’s something about a giant pretzel that warms my heart.

Ok, that seemed a little overkill, but really when you eat a giant pretzel, you’re usually hanging out with friends and family in a very low-key setting eating a ton of carbs, and that’s fine.

I suppose you can eat a giant pretzel yourself… but if you could manage to do it with this giant pretzel, I would be extremely impressed.

This weekend I traveled around Wisconsin to visit some of my best friends and the first stop was to meet a new little baby at Duesterbeck’s Brewing Company in Elkhorn.

Max is only a month old, so he didn’t have one, but the rest of us dug into this massive epic pretzel.

If you’re wondering…which I know you are, the pretzel is 18 inches which is pretty big. They also sell a 7 inch pretzel if you’d rather take a smaller route to pretzel heaven.

You have a choice of queso, honey mustard, and ground mustard when you order the pretzel, one sauce comes with the small pretzel and two with the giant.

Oh, you also want to know more about beer? Yes of course.

I’m not a regular beer drinker, but enjoyed the sour blackberry that was on tap as well as Kombucha.

There are currently 15 different Duesterbeck beers on tap right now, along with four other beers, most of which are from Wisconsin.

Have you been to Duesterbeck?

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